28 January 2010

Sketchy vs. photo real


Most recent work. Not entirely satisfied but I am glad I did something and completed it in one sitting. Not sure how I am to go on from this point but I want to continue self portraits or portraits in general. I have to figure out what qualities can be left out and which ones to add in to give the piece a more illustrative quality. I think I would have a breakdown if I were to focus on photo-real.

25 January 2010

Rainy day turns to sun

We were greeted by a rainstorm this morning which happily broke into a sunny day. With temperatures turning to 60 degrees f we opened the windows and let the breeze meet us.

IMG_2661 2

IMG_2707 2


23 January 2010

Ignore the poor quality of these photographs...

And maybe the poor quality of these drawings??? I'm 'back in the saddle' of trying to focus my days on creating things. It's been harder than I thought it would be to get myself going. Here's a few of the ones I have been working on; they are mostly from old anthropologie catalogues that I've had laying around. The last one is a copy from a de'Medici sculpture by Michelangelo. I want to try to post more of my work as I go along. Hopefully my skills learned from college come back!





05 January 2010

A few more photos.

Sometimes light can be enough of an inspiration for you to daydream through the lens for hours.





04 January 2010

Always, sometime.

In an attempt to break the silence and get myself going as a blogger, I wanted to take the time today to post to you. Whoever that may be.

This week I am dedicating myself to cleaning up my workspace - call it "studio" - so that I can really focus on art. Sometimes when I say things like that I sound like a broken record. But I really do want to concentrate on artwork, because I feel like I have neglected it so much that I have to relearn everything I taught myself.

I have been having difficulty deciding what medium is my favorite. Right now, I really love photography and lino-cut. It's hard to choose your favorite. Similar to choosing your favorite child. Not that you would ever want to choose your favorite child!!

Here are some old photographs that I was going through today for some inspiration. The header of this blog was taken by me in the fall, deep in the woods.



01 January 2010


I really wanted to create a space for myself where I can create whatever I want. Whether it be about design, literature, culture or everyday musings, I will use this medium to express myself. That is all for now; happy 2010! Hope to post soon. ( though wouldn't it be funny if I never did??)
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