30 September 2010

a happy fall.

It's the last day of September. The month has flown by so I wanted to make a post before it turns to my favorite month, October.

Today's weather, had it been about 15 degrees colder, would be perfect fall weather. It's been windy, overcast with heavy clouds, and the occasional shower brings lovely gusts of air into our little studio.

Wishing you a happy October.

A few links:

A Country Farmhouse

Photo above by me.

13 September 2010


Im here, I promise!  Things have been hectic but I really want this blog to continue.  So a few things:

1. I really really really want to subscribe to this magazine.  I think I have to start saving my pennies.

2. We've been cooking. A lot. Last night we had a "mini thanksgiving" that was delicious. No pictures of that (too hungry!!) but here are some photos of things I have made recently.  I like how autumn-y they feel. 


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