31 July 2010

dreaming of fall.

Since I have made it part of my M.O. to not buy many clothes this year, (or at least just try to make them if I can) I wanted to just impart to you a few items that have piqued my interest recently. In particular, for the Fall season. Oh - maybe I will actually make a "roundup" of what is getting me excited for fall.  Okay, here goes:

First Row: Dixon Tall Boots in rich brown; Madewell button-down boy shirt in indigo; Madewell lanyard tee in indigo ink; Second Row: Gourmet's pumpkin stuffed with vegetable stew; CB I hate Perfume's In the Library scent; Coffeehouse NW on a fall evening; Third Row: listening to The Swell Season's new album; dreaming about an airstream and a lake.

25 July 2010

Catalog Living

Embarrassingly enough, I subscribe to a lot of feeds. I lost count at eighty. I think the problem is I get hooked on a particular blog, and then I read their blogroll and see a bunch of blogs that I would be interested in as well, and then of course I have to add them to my list... and the feed list goes on and on. Well, anyway, there are some feeds that just need mentioning from time to time, and Catalog Living is one of them. The one posted today made me laugh so hard that I almost started to cry.

Caption: Gary’s eyesight has gotten so bad he can’t even read an atlas with binoculars anymore.

Visit the site, you won't be disappointed. Maybe even add it to your feed reader?


23 July 2010

Some images.

naan pizza



Nothing much to say today, but I thought I would post some images instead. Back soon, I promise.

Images all by me.

13 July 2010

Interiors and a sketch book.







Lately I've been experimenting with illustrating interiors of homes. Sometimes they are created from my imagination, but when I started out I focused mostly on interiors from magazines, books, anything that would spark my interest.

Growing as an artist, I never kept a dedicated sketch book to house my thoughts, ideas, basically my 'meanderings' if you will. I think it was always a challenge to carry something with me that would allow me to record my daily life in images. It's kind of frustrating for me because I think that would have been really nice to have later on in life, to look back on. Maybe I should start to keep one.

Do you have a sketch book? Do you keep one regularly, and how do you stay in the habit of keeping one up to date?

09 July 2010


Seems like a great summer movie. First of all, Stephen Dorff, where have you been all my life? Secondly, I can't believe how talented all the little Fannings are. I'm secretly jealous of their acting skills.

01 July 2010

It's summer

But it feels much more like fall. I crave this type of weather. There is something wonderful about a breeze that gives you a slight chill. I've been listening to Balmorhea today and it just completely encapsulates what I feel like on the inside. I love songs that remind me of November.
July 1

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