04 January 2010

Always, sometime.

In an attempt to break the silence and get myself going as a blogger, I wanted to take the time today to post to you. Whoever that may be.

This week I am dedicating myself to cleaning up my workspace - call it "studio" - so that I can really focus on art. Sometimes when I say things like that I sound like a broken record. But I really do want to concentrate on artwork, because I feel like I have neglected it so much that I have to relearn everything I taught myself.

I have been having difficulty deciding what medium is my favorite. Right now, I really love photography and lino-cut. It's hard to choose your favorite. Similar to choosing your favorite child. Not that you would ever want to choose your favorite child!!

Here are some old photographs that I was going through today for some inspiration. The header of this blog was taken by me in the fall, deep in the woods.



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