25 May 2010

a few images from the weekend

Today is a day for errands, but I wanted to stop here to put down some images from my weekend. I visited a paper place today (kind of like a warehouse) and got some ideas for my store. It is so unbelievably overwhelming going to a place that keeps so many different types of papers in stock. I left empty-handed but with a head full of good ideas.


triangles and pear



the kitchen.



21 May 2010

more botanical prints; production friday.

Today was a pretty productive day.  Though it's been pretty hot in the studio (86 degrees out, yikes!) I've been trying to keep cool with a fan blowing in my direction. Although I'm sure the endless supply of hot coffees I have been consuming haven't added to the cool at all.  Time for iced!

So here's a sum up of some of the things I have done this week:

From my drawing table:

And from the web, a fun and insightful video about bike rush-hour. How crazy and amazing?

video via A Cup of Jo

Happy weekend. I'm looking forward to lunch with a good friend, more artwork, and some lovely cooking - maybe some new recipes!

14 May 2010


Just a quick post to say hello and wishing everyone a nice weekend.  It's supposed to be beautiful here.

Happy weekend.


13 May 2010

Felted rugs make my heart beat faster.

So not to keep linking to NYTimes articles, but this one caught my attention.  It's a slideshow of Dana Barnes' NY loft which she has outfitted with giant felted objects, specifically rugs that she has made by hand.  I especially love the bedroom shot with the grayish-oatmeal colored rug at the foot of the bed. The general low profile furniture makes the loft seem like a wonderful playground for adults and children alike. I would love to own any piece of her art!

Dana Barnes' work will be at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair May 15-18 if you'd like to go see. Read the full article here.

Photo credit: The New York Times

12 May 2010

Unique swimming pools in brooklyn

Has anybody seen this article/video recently?  (From last July 2009) It's a pretty great idea, especially given the fact that most swimming pools are just so darn expensive to install!

Photo by Yana Paskova, link via the NY Times

11 May 2010


Well, I took quite a break from blogging recently (I apologize!) and I promise to return to regular posting from now on.  I have been working on different designs - many of them reminiscent of botanical prints from the past with a more childlike-illustrative approach.  It is sometimes nice to get a break from creating the same thing over and over again.

In other news, the weather has taken a turn for the colder!  I am sitting here in two sweaters and a blanket around me with the heat on.  And it's mid-May!  It is pretty ridiculous.  I'm ready for skirts and flip flops and windows open.  I think some of my artwork shows how restless I am for the warm as a lot of it is succulent-desert based!

studio at night

wild rabbit



succulent study

And here is a funny picture of a cat looking at something in our backyard:

I'll be back soon!
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