30 September 2010

a happy fall.

It's the last day of September. The month has flown by so I wanted to make a post before it turns to my favorite month, October.

Today's weather, had it been about 15 degrees colder, would be perfect fall weather. It's been windy, overcast with heavy clouds, and the occasional shower brings lovely gusts of air into our little studio.

Wishing you a happy October.

A few links:

A Country Farmhouse

Photo above by me.


  1. October is my favorite month too! I'm loving the fall weather lately. It makes me think of apples and pumpkin and leaves and fires in the fireplace.

  2. ooh all the things you say sound wonderful! We planted a few bushes in our backyard and are going to buy some mums tomorrow if we have time. I also want to get a wreath that is autumnal/wintry and run to get apple cider donuts and a yummy candle! Oh fall, how you make me spend money.


  3. I love the new pictures of the bushes and mums - can't wait to see them in person, hopefully soon!

  4. Thanks! Yes, you have to come by soon!


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