25 April 2011

It's been awhile.

Wow, the last blog post's title basically sums it up around here. Sorry for the silence, but life and things get in the way sometimes and it is hard to keep routines up, like this blog, for example.

On April 1 we got the keys to our new apartment, and on April 2 we got an 8 week old puppy. Between moving ourselves out of our old apartment and into our new one, puppy proofing the new apartment, not fully being moved in until the 15th of April (when our lease on our old apartment ended), we have been going nonstop. Let's just say, we don't want to move again for a very very long time.

It finally feels like late spring/ early summer. On Easter we had temperatures of almost 85 degrees. We had family over for Easter dinner and thankfully we had the air conditioning on, otherwise it would have been overbearingly warm. Then there were thunderstorms at night which reminds me of heat lighting during the summer. I love the feel of spring rain when it is hot outside, and that is exactly what we experienced when we walked our dog to say goodbye to my family that evening.

If you are interested, we have started a blog for our dog here. Posts are infrequent at best, but it might be interesting to see him grow into a giant dog (we are guessing) over the months.

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