31 August 2011

Fall: Recap part 1

I'm not going to lie: Fall is my favorite season of the year. Perhaps it's the crisp breeze that's reminiscent of burning leaves and stale flannel blankets; the cloudless azure sky with the distant sound of Canadian geese departing for warmer winds; I find myself groping for the outlines and textures of warmer clothes in my dark closet, pulling on knee-high leather boots that have seen their share of falling leaves and pumpkin patches. It might just be the shortening of days, when darkness falls and I'm inclined to bake fruit pies and the like. 

I thought it might be nice to reminisce with autumn photos I've taken from the past few years. I'll be posting a few photos from my collection in the next few posts. Look for the next post Friday. I hope you enjoy and possibly post a few of your own fall memories on your blog, too!

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