20 September 2011

Kanelbullar and brick paths

I've been listening to a bit of autumn-themed music lately. Blue skies are gently turning to overcast; wind gusts take fleeting breaks in exchange for calm.
What is your favorite autumn music? Magnolia Electric Company has always been a favorite, but lately I have been enamored with the Swell Season.  So good :)

Below, a photo taken with my phone while taking a coffee break (fika!) from work. The coffee shop is on a corner of a street in a small town where we live, and for some reason we chose a busy time to sit outdoors, as so many cars were moving about and people were driving like chickens with their heads cut off. It was a bit stressful to watch!

This week has been incredibly busy (worked through the entire weekend, putting in 12 and 14 hour days in a row) and it's finally starting to calm down a bit.

 The photo below is of kanelbullar, a Swedish coffee roll. Sadly, they were made from a box, not from scratch. But we bought the mix at Ikea, and when we made them it smelled just like Ikea. So perfect for a fall day. They were very good, especially with a cup of strong coffee, sitting by an open window with a sleeping dog warming your feet.

I think there is a theme starting on this blog: coffee and food. And autumnal things. Oh, if it could be autumn all year round, I would die happy.

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  1. Mmmm, lovely fall! Lets hang out soon - I need a fika break!


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