04 November 2011

dream house

I think I might use this blog for a bit of a pin board. (Yes, I know about Pinterest.) But I just want a small resource and I think this might be the best place for it.


Things I like about them:
Airy yet cozy, Natural colors and fibers, high ceilings, nothing too fancy, everything looks loved. Lots of unpainted wood. 

1 comment:

  1. I would love that kitchen to be attached to that living room for a really nice open plan main floor! The wooden floor in the bedroom is amazing - I love it! I've been looking online at houses lately, and I have come to realize that what I love are: lots of light, lots of white molding with colorful but muted walls (or dark wood work!)and doors you can open to the outside for outdoor entertaining. I also love dramatic ceilings - beams, structure, all that! I love looking at beautiful houses!


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