30 March 2010

caffeine = progress. (duh.)

Recently we have been bombarded with day after day of rain.  I definitely get a good case of the SAD from time to time, so it is imperative that I fill these rainy days with the following:

a) copious amounts of coffee
b) art-making (a given)
c) thinking about the chance that there may be a thunderstorm, which always lightens the mood for me
d) a thunderstorm occurs
e) playing good music, loud.
f) more coffee

Hopefully if I am lucky all six listed occur. Today, let's see, five out of six, not bad! (no thunder. boo.) While I am still shaking from all the caffeine I managed to make some artwork and get some new ideas together for future projects.  I also took some pictures of the magnolia and forsythia branches I brought in from my backyard.  I am trying to force them to bloom indoors and today, finally, one of the blossoms did just  that! Success!  I documented my efforts below.  Oh and thankfully, sun is scheduled for the next week or so.  Yay! 






See my flickr for more.

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