07 April 2010


Though I think I'm a bit late on the start, this past weekend I tried seed germination for a garden I am planning on having this summer.  Trying two types of germination: the first, a conventional seed pod kit from Jiffy with seventy two pods that hopefully will germinate in the next few days.  The second is using a damp paper towel laid on a baking sheet that is covered with plastic wrap.  As you can see from the photos below, we have success! And in just four days!  It's a method that Square Foot Gardening uses that makes germinating seeds a much quicker process.  Soon I will be able to transplant to our full size 4' x 4' raised bed that we are building this weekend.  I'm really excited to start tending the garden.

IMG_3825 - Version 2





  1. This is awesome - we'll have to compare notes on our techniques and see what works well and what needs improvement. Great photos too! Looks like we won't be able to unload surplus zucchini on eachother since we're both growing it!

  2. I agree! There are so many good ways to do it. I was just amazed at how quickly these guys shot up. I'll have to let you know what else we are attempting to grow. Pictured here is zucchini in the foreground and the rest all flowers.


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