13 April 2010


I have recently been experimenting with watercolor. This has been a difficult medium for me because it takes such control and practice, and sometimes I can be very impatient. For some reason I feel like I have broken through a bit with the medium and dare I say, have gotten a bit better. A tiny bit better. Very small amount. But it's something! Yesterday as I was drawing I discovered how much I love to combine watercolor with graphite. Placing the graphite on top of the watercolor after it dries allows me to add shading and texture subtly which otherwise would be quite difficult for a beginner. I hope any of you readers aren't tired of rabbits, because here are some more!



More photos on my flickr


  1. Looking good! My favorites are the bunny bum at the top and the bunny with its ears flattened out sideways. :)

  2. Thanks!! That is my favorite too!

  3. I love how the ears go out in different directions - very creative and very cute :)


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