09 October 2010

New Plantings

autumn garden





We finally got around to planting something in a very nondescript part of our yard. And what a difference! I love the new life that has come to our property. I especially love how autumnal everything looks. It is nice to breath new life into a little patch of land. I sort of gave up on my garden this year, especially with the drought, but this seems a bit more manageable for us.


  1. What are those bushes with the berries called? They are so beautiful. Have the mums bloomed yet? they look like they have a lot of buds on them!

  2. They are called Japanese barberry I believe. They do have thorns, which will keep the squirrels away, thank goodness, but apparently birds like to nest in them too? And I love love love the berries. So autumnal.


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