25 July 2010

Catalog Living

Embarrassingly enough, I subscribe to a lot of feeds. I lost count at eighty. I think the problem is I get hooked on a particular blog, and then I read their blogroll and see a bunch of blogs that I would be interested in as well, and then of course I have to add them to my list... and the feed list goes on and on. Well, anyway, there are some feeds that just need mentioning from time to time, and Catalog Living is one of them. The one posted today made me laugh so hard that I almost started to cry.

Caption: Gary’s eyesight has gotten so bad he can’t even read an atlas with binoculars anymore.

Visit the site, you won't be disappointed. Maybe even add it to your feed reader?



  1. I showed Kurt the site and we laughed so hard - it's really clever and lots of fun! Thank you for telling me about it.


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