31 July 2010

dreaming of fall.

Since I have made it part of my M.O. to not buy many clothes this year, (or at least just try to make them if I can) I wanted to just impart to you a few items that have piqued my interest recently. In particular, for the Fall season. Oh - maybe I will actually make a "roundup" of what is getting me excited for fall.  Okay, here goes:

First Row: Dixon Tall Boots in rich brown; Madewell button-down boy shirt in indigo; Madewell lanyard tee in indigo ink; Second Row: Gourmet's pumpkin stuffed with vegetable stew; CB I hate Perfume's In the Library scent; Coffeehouse NW on a fall evening; Third Row: listening to The Swell Season's new album; dreaming about an airstream and a lake.


  1. I didn't know BW put out a new album. haha! Those shirts are awesome. I feel like the lanyard tee would be pretty easy to make.

  2. Hahha I know, he came up with that one out of left field, didn't he? Yes, you are right, the lanyard tee would be not to hard to make, and I think I would maybe make it long sleeved for those chilly autumn evenings! :)


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