23 June 2010

Blueprints on Fabric

When I was young I remember my Mother taught me how to make sunprints; the small pieces of light-sensitive paper that, when left in the sun, would expose themselves in a few minutes time. By leaving a section of flower, leaf or anything opaque on top of the paper during the exposure, the after image would remain on the paper long after the flower withered away and died.

I recently saw a blog post by Design Sponge about Blueware, a collection of vases that are treated with light-sensitive chemicals and are kept in a dark room until ready to be exposed by light on a "rotating spit", according to the website, Studio Glithero. Beforehand, flowers or plants of varying types are attached to the vessels so that when they are exposed to the light, the silhouettes of the flowers are left in white; the remainder of the vase is a beautiful prussian blue, reminiscent of the sunprints I would make when I was young.

Does anyone know where you can buy these? If you do, please let me know!

Another discovery thanks to Design Sponge was Blueprints on Fabric. This was something totally new to me - you purchase cotton fabric that is pretreated so that when you expose and then wash the fabric, the afterimage will appear. (Cyanotype.) This would be so fun to try!

Photography Petr Krejci

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