03 June 2010


And what do you know? I'm back!  The threat of impending rain and thunderstorms has made it a bit cooler around these parts, so I'm happily typing away as the fan is directed straight at me.

So let's get to the point of this post: I have a fantastic recipe to share.  A few weeks ago I found the amazing website Farm House Table which, along with amazing photos, contains some of the best recipes I have ever made + eaten.

My husband (Mr. W) and I decided to try the zucchini paparadelle recipe one night a few weeks ago.  It was one of the easiest meals to put together, and it was so delicious. I am relatively new to using goat cheese in recipes, but now I am hooked.  Definitely give this recipe a try if you want a wonderful late spring/early summer type dish.

zucchini papparadelle

zucchini papparadelle

Also, a cute side note that has nothing to do with the above - this morning after my run I saw a bunny lying on its side relaxing in the cool grass! We scared him with our footsteps, but it was adorable! I've never seen a wild bunny like that before!

Photos above by me.

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